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Cherry Flavored Soul
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2nd-Dec-2008 04:07 am - BodyArt
Quintin Harden
www.Google.com Quintin Harden
www.skype.com ADD: Quintin Harden


I was 15 when I met M. He wasn’t my type physically, but we connected on a level that was much more important. I rushed into a relationship with him, not batting an eyelash at his age. After all, I’d dated men much older than him. (You’d think I’d have learned my lesson.)

I was 16 the first time he hit me. I tried to defend myself. I don’t do that anymore. Better to stay still and get it over with. His fist is the only thing that connects with me on any level. He dropped his act years ago.

((See my journal for the longer rant.))

3rd-Mar-2007 10:46 pm - Quota Exceeded
I was born
With a pocket full of words
Once I could weave them as I chose
But now they're all used up
3rd-Mar-2007 08:49 pm - Prince
Eloquently speaking promises you intend to break as soon as she's got her guard down, you sweep her off of her dainty feet.
My, what a big man you are.

It's fun to trick the princess because you're the dragon in disguise, damsels in distress dig your shiny see-through lies.
My, but you are my shining star.

And when at last they see, it's too late - they've met their fate. It's ever after alright but the happily has fled. Most likely she'll meet a timely end leaving you free to stalk your next prey.
My, what a handsome prince you are.
3rd-Mar-2007 08:47 pm - Dear M
I want to scratch my nails across your chest, then reach in and claw your heart out, the same way you did mine.

I want you to feel as vulnerable as I was when you trapped me, as I still am every time your fist connects with my tender face.

I want to poison your food, piss in your mouth and spit on your grave, then dance my way home.

I want you to suffer, to cut your wicked tongue out. Make you as blind as I once was.

But you're bigger than me, and in the end, that's all that really counts, isn't it?

((Not nearly as polished as I'd like to pretend my work usually is, but it's been a very long day. This is 100 words by coincidence, only. (Or maybe out of habit?) It wasn't intended to be.))
23rd-Feb-2007 08:46 pm - Rules & Guidelines

We've totally redone the rules, please take a moment to look them over!

Everybody hates this part, but it's what makes things run smoothly. We'll try to keep it simple.

Acceptable writing:

  • Stories
  • 100-word-stories (Be careful to use exactly 100 words, we will use ms word to check them.)
  • Poems of all types.
  • Stream of Consciousness/free writing.
  • Essays.

Things that will be deleted:

  • Casual posts (Hey, what's everybody's fave color? and things like that.)
  • Posts that contain sensitive member information such as phone numbers, addresses, and last names.
  • Writing that  exists only to flame and/or show discrimination against another member of the group, livejournal, or other groups of people. Writing challenges are okay.
  • Other TOS offenses.
  • Criticism on pieces where the author has specifically asked readers not critique.
  • Criticism where reasons are not given. You cannot just post "It sucks." You have to back up your opinion.
  • Works which are rated incorrectly, which the author refuses to correct. (We will always try to work with the author first.)
((Author's notes and other info that is not part of the piece should be written in double parenthesis.))

Removal from the group may result based on the following:
  • Failure to be respectful of members writing and feelings.
  • Stealing. This includes writing it in your own journal without linking back to the original post. (Or at all, if the author has expressed a wish that their work not be posted elsewhere.
  • Repeated failure to rate correctly/work with the staff to rate correctly.

Extra Info:
  • Try your best to spell properly and use proper grammar. No l33t sp34k, please.
  • Please, if your writing is above pg, give it a responsible rating. Type the rating after the title in your subject line (in parenthesis).
  • If your writing is rated higher than teen, explain why, and then use a cut for the actual post.
  • We fully understand writer's block. If you can't think of anything new to post, please just send us a little note to let us know. It helps us tell the difference between a struggling artist and an inactive member.
The maintainers of this group reserve the right to add to, remove from, reword, or otherwise alter this list as needed to keep the community safe and fun for everybody.
23rd-Feb-2007 08:17 pm - Twisted Love (T)
This is a 100 word story. I think I'm hooked now, lol. This is kind of the abusers perspective. It sounds like one event, but there are actually two, trying to hit the victim with something, and then later throwing them down the stairs. It's pretty hard to get graphic in 100 words, but this is pretty close, so I'm thinking at least a Teen rating is in order for violence.

Read it.Collapse )
22nd-Feb-2007 09:27 am(no subject)
Panic, despair, emptiness, longing.
I'm sweaty and on edge like a junkie badly in need of a fix.

I'm out of megatokyo to read until the 26th.


((I was in the mood to write something silly, and I am quite bummed that I finished from beginning to most recent and am now just waiting for updates. Maybe I will have to buy the mangas, but I'm broke until next month, so it's not an immediate fix to the problem.))
21st-Feb-2007 12:21 am - Community Mule
Okay, this is the new mule. If you ever need anything, this is the account you would talk to, and it's also the account that announcements and such will be made with from now on.
19th-Feb-2007 02:27 am - A challenge in 17 syllables. ;)
This journal is based
Upon my long gone website.
Mike is going down.
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