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Cherry Flavored Soul
Twisted Love (T) 
23rd-Feb-2007 08:17 pm
This is a 100 word story. I think I'm hooked now, lol. This is kind of the abusers perspective. It sounds like one event, but there are actually two, trying to hit the victim with something, and then later throwing them down the stairs. It's pretty hard to get graphic in 100 words, but this is pretty close, so I'm thinking at least a Teen rating is in order for violence.

I wanted you to die. Make no mistake about that. I wanted the satisfaction of splitting you open with whatever I could get my hands on.

I felt betrayed. How dare you give yourself away? To that whore, no less. You were mine. You still had MY mark on your milk white neck.

My love had twisted somehow. I couldn’t handle it. I felt overwhelmed, obsessed.

I didn’t want you to survive the fall down the steps. I knew that you would leave me if you lived. Make no mistake about it, I wanted you to die.

I love you.
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